Abundance in your Summer Garden talk

Last night was great fun. Graham and Annemarie Brookman and myself presented the workshop ‘Abundance in your Summer Garden’ to a group of around 30 participants at the Food Forest in Gawler.

Graham and Annemarie presented first and spoke outside about aspects of Summer gardening such as mulch, compost, shade, irrigation and plant varieties. That part of the evening was handled outside, in the evening cool and included real life examples of what they were discussing.

My bit was after theirs, inside and with a glorious Powerpoint presentation written by yours truly but brought to life by Jelina and her artistic skills. I’m not an artistic person by any means, unless you include growing plants and microbes as art.

You can view or download a PDF of the Powerpoint below above.

The whole nigh’s presentation covered a lot of ground and there was more to go but time was not on our side. We covered Sun, shade, mulch, water, soil structure, soil moisture, plant choice and we ended up talking about wicking beds before time ran out. There was a lot we didn’t cover but it’s all in the PDF

In the chat afterwards, folks seemed happy with it all.

Annemarie Brookman doing her presentation.
Annemarie Brookman doing her presentation.
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