Winter aquaponics update


A quick Winter update on the aquaponics system. It’s hanging in there over the cold weather with only natural daylight and no covering.

The Winter has been pretty mild so far and only the Kangkong is suffering, but it’s doing better thsn expected when you consider it’s a tropical kind of plant.

The basic Winter veggies are doing well. Pak Choi, cabbage, various Winter lettuces and Spring Onions are keeping us in greens.

Tha Azolla all died off, leaving the Brahmi and Water Cress to struggle on in the water bed. Maybe repositioning it so that it receives more sunlight will be the go.

We’re going to add four buckets to the system to grow sweet potato in the Sumner. Hopefully these will isolate those invasive roots from the pipes. I’ll be using perlite in them as they’ll be up a bit higher than the rest of the beds and the weight may be an issue.

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