SA Urban Food Network showcase

We’re happy to have been invited to present a quick overview of Ligaya Garden at the SA Urban Food Network Showcase. It’s on Thursday the 26th of September 6-9pm at The Joinery in the city. This year, its ‘Stories of Urban food’ and looks like it’ll cover lots of folks like us, all producing away in the city and suburbs. It’s only 5 minute presentations with slides (Marlon… How do you use PowerPoint?) so I won’t be carrying on too much. Marlon and I will be there. I’ve got to ask about Athena yet, she may make an appearance. Unfortunately, the always lovely Jelina can’t make it. The event is literally being held on the last day of her PhD submission so her mind will be elsewhere. I reckon it’ll be a great event, so book early… Here’s the link again. Hopefully the food will be in bigger pieces that at that event at the mayor’s place…it seems the further

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Food Underfoot 2018

We’ll its time for the Woodstock of Gawler amateur herbalism, Food Underfoot! On Sept 23rd at 11ish, I’ll be taking a foraging walk through Henry Chenoweth Reserve in Gawler where we will take a look at the seasonal, local, food and medicinal herbs available. Last year, if I remember correctly, we looked at Chickweed, Dandelion, Catsear, Fumitory, Black Berry Nightshade, Plantain, Petty Spurge, Nettles, Nasturtium, Sow Thistle, Milk Thistle, Castor Oil Plant, Green Amaranth, Goose foot, Wild Lettuce and Storksbill. We discussed their food value, medicinal uses, history and environmental value. It was all pretty good. Henry Chenoweth Reserve is along the South Para River, between the Gawler Community House and The Elderly Center. It’s probably best to park in the Elderly Center car park, cross the foot bridge and meet at the seating in the pic above. From there we’ll wander and frolic to our heart’s content. One note – Gawler Council contractors do spray in this reserve. That

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