SA Urban Food Network showcase

We’re happy to have been invited to present a quick overview of Ligaya Garden at the SA Urban Food Network Showcase. It’s on Thursday the 26th of September 6-9pm at The Joinery in the city. This year, its ‘Stories of Urban food’ and looks like it’ll cover lots of folks like us, all producing away in the city and suburbs. It’s only 5 minute presentations with slides (Marlon… How do you use PowerPoint?) so I won’t be carrying on too much. Marlon and I will be there. I’ve got to ask about Athena yet, she may make an appearance. Unfortunately, the always lovely Jelina can’t make it. The event is literally being held on the last day of her PhD submission so her mind will be elsewhere. I reckon it’ll be a great event, so book early… Here’s the link again. Hopefully the food will be in bigger pieces that at that event at the mayor’s place…it seems the further

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New Grass Roots

We’ve another article in the current Grass Roots magazine. It’s on pages 24 to 26. The article discusses the things we’ve done to cool the house during Summer, things that can be done in the garden and around the house on a very tight budget. I won’t share the content… You’ve got to buy the magazine!

Not everything works #2

This is Part 2 of our ‘not everything works’ series (it was originally going to be called ‘we fu&$k up too!’ ). Here’s some sterilized wheat that was inoculated with Elm and Blue Elm mycorrhizae. Only the two batches in the front innoculated cleanly. These were done in the fridge. The others done at room temperature all got green/black mold through them. Part 3 is on the way!

A Grass Roots story

I’ve a little story on pages 16-18 of the current (#252 April/May 2019) edition of Grass Roots magazine. It’s a little piece about the Australian Native edible plants we have here at Ligaya Garden and why we chose them. I hope you can grab a copy and check out our article and the many others they have in this edition

The vertical gardening workshop is sold out

I’m happy to say that the free vertical gardening workshop that I’m teaching at the Gawler Environment Centre is sold out! That’s pretty exciting to me! The event is being run at the Gawler Environment Centre (next to the NRM at the Council Chambers on High Street). It’ll be running on Saturday April 27th from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. It’ll cover a wide range of topics related to vertical gardening and will include some project making and installation. Kathy at the GEC is taking names for the waiting list and maybe, if there’s enough interest, we can run another. You can find the details here on Eventbrite.

Where’s the  ‘How to’s’? 

I’ve been spending a lot of the hot weather redoing some of the blog – new theme, upgraded plan, all that good stuff. While I’ve been at it, I’ve been checking out lots and lots of other people’s blogs.  I’ve noticed that there are soooo many ‘How to…’ posts and videos out there. When I looked at our blog and saw that we have heaps of content showing what we’re doing, but not much on how to do it. A lot of that is because we like to inspire folks to do stuff simply and cheaply but not lecture and carry on about it.  We’ll change that this year (not the lecturing and carrying on) and start posting videos and instructions on how we’ve done many of the things that interest you at Ligaya Garden.  From those suggestions, we will build irregular workshops and open days for everyone. Maybe we’ll even get a few guest experts in to help us

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We’re in the latest Grass Roots

I’m a bit silly. I wrote this when the magazine came out but put it in ‘drafts’ and not ‘published’ here on the blog. Anyways, we’re a bit more well known now. We’ve an article over three glorious black and white pages in the Oct/Nov 2018 edition (#249) of Grass Roots magazine. That’s 2 of the big 3 permacultute themed mags here in Australia (the last one was PIP). It’s an introductory piece, introducing our garden and lifestyle along with a couple of tips for small, productive gardening. I hope you enjoy it.