Mealy or Fragrant Saltbush (Rhagodia parabolica)

Mealy Saltbush
The soft, grey-green foliage of Mealy Saltbush

Family: Amaranthaceae

Habitat: Sandy areas, edges of woodland

Flowering Time: Summer

Kaurna name: Niplina

Description and uses:

Mealy or Fragrant Saltbush (Rhagodia parabolica also Chenopodium parabolicum) is a very common plant around the Gawler area and practically everywhere I’ve been in South Australia, as they are a favourite plant of councils and landscapers. It’s soft looking, grey leaves and branching panicles of flowers are the give away in identifying this plant. The dense clusters of red berries on the flower stems are another good indicator when in season.

The best way to identify Mealy saltbush is to examine the leaves. They are grey-green and have a grey-white powder on them.

Mealy saltbush leaf

the grey-white powder

Rhagodia parabolica

A grey-white powder on the leaves and red berries are the give aways for identifying Rhagodia parabolica

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