Cypress Pine (Callitris presii)

A grove of young Callitris
A grove of young Callitris

Common names: Cypress Pine, Southern Cypress Pine, Murray Pine, Rottnest Island Pine

Taxonomic name: Callitris presii

FamiIy: Cupressaceae

Habitat: Woodlands, Mallee

Form: Tree between 1 metres and 10 metres

Flowering Time: August to January

Ngarrindjeri/ Kaurna name: Narnu/Murra


A mature Cypress Pine.
A mature Cypress Pine.

A spreading tree to 10 metres, conical in general shape. The branches are spreading, with many branchlets. The woody fruit of the female cones is a globe shaped cone with 6 segments which do not separate at the base. The cones remain on the branches long after their use by date. Male strobili (cones) form at the end of branchlets are yellow/orange and can release visible clouds of pollen.

Callitris cones.
Callitris cones stay on the tree long after maturity
Callitris flowers and leaves.
Male cones (strobili) and leaves.


Cypress Pines grow up to 10 metres tall and their wood, which is aromatic and termite resistant is traditionally, it is used for making woomeras.

A sticky resin from stem and cones as adhesive on small implements and decorations. It’s a nice tasting gum, being quite aromatic and is given to young children on a stick when they are teething.

The young cones don’t taste very nice by themselves but a couple of them can be broken up and added to hot water to make an interesting tasting tea.

Young Cypress cones make an interesting tea,
Young Cypress cones make an interesting tea.
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