Little windows

These little bits of shredded plastic are the only downside of reusing other people’s shredded paper in the worm farms. They’re the shredded remains of the little plastic windows that are on envelopes of an official nature.

Shredded plastic from envelope windows
Shredded plastic from envelope windows

Paper gets mixed in with both the Bokashi vegetable scraps and the other scraps that go to the worm castles. It helps absorb excess moisture and helps with the Carbon : Nitrogen ratio. I also make paper bricks with it for folks to use in their fires in Winter.

We appreciate all of the gifts like shredded paper, coffee grounds and vegetable scraps that folks give us and don’t like to be too fussy because accepting the generosity of people reaffirms they’re belief in being generous. I reckon if you say ‘no’ to folks too often, they’ll stop being generous.

It’s an idea that I work by, called ‘morphogenic fields’ that, roughly paraphrased goes something like ‘any idea we hold or any action we perform makes it easier for that thought or action to occur in the future’. So, by being receptive and encouraging folks to share and be aware of the potentials embedded in their waste stream, we make it easier for folks to share and be aware in the future. Of course, it doesn’t apply just to waste, nor is it all positive, we can create space for negative actions too.

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