Bare Earth… No way! 

I’ve been sharing this pic around because it’s an unusual event in the garden.

When we bought the block, the first thing we did was cover the whole front yard with layers of newspaper and about 10cm (that’s 4″ in the old measurement) of compost and mulch.

After a frustrating wait of a few days, we started to plant heavily and have never stopped.

The perennials cover most of the ground and there are some seasonal annual treats that we weave into the tapestry.

Along with perennial, edible ground covers such as Warrigal Greens and Sweet Potato, we have an underlayer of perennial tubers and root veggies that pop up when they’re ready. In short, nothing is left uncovered.

There are four reasons we created the garden in this way:

  •  water retention (it gets hot and dry here)
  • cooling (the air in the garden is always cooler than the surrounding area in the hot Aussie Summers)
  • reduced maintenance (no lawn to mow, little replanting)
  • no runoff. The garden is a big sponge and there is no runoff into the local creeks.

Essentially, all we do is harvest (as if it were that easy)!
The bare patch was cleared so that I could have access to the irrigation because I’m improving it this year (I’ve been saying it’s the last time for several years).

No fear though, a couple of days and it will be replanted with Lab Lab and Scarlet Runner Beans, both perennials and prodigious croppers.

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