The big cover-up

Yes, it’s true, we’ve been covering something up at Ligaya Garden.

We’ve been covering the aquaponics!

The rain this year has been coming in heavy downpours, not the gentle soaking rains of the past. A sign of climate change, it seems. That means more runoff from covered areas and, worse, for us, regular flooding of the backyard!

The big bursts of rain have been overflowing the aquaponics system too. That leads to a frequent loss of nutrients as the liquid fertilizers get flushed out of the system with each overflow. The result is, of course, slow growth and yellowing of our leafy greens as they are being starved of food. The goldfish just can’t keep up!

We're starving!
We’re starving!

The best solution is to, temporarily, cover the beds to stop the rain getting into them. A little is good, but enough is enough! So, we scored some plastic sheeting a friend and made some temporary frames with some 20mm PVC that we had laying around. Lots of duct tape and presto! some covered beds. In effect, we’ve made little greenhouses too.

I’ve added an overflow to each of the receiving sumps that shifts some of the excess water that might get in out to the stormwater. One day, I’ll have it set up so that this water gets shifted to the front garden so that we can capture the nutrients more effectively, but that can wait until Winter’s over.

Ironically, it compromises our ‘Plastic Free July’ but hopefully, we’ll save on fertilizer, get more healthy veggies and we’ll be able to walk in the backyard again without getting our feet wet.

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