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We’re having babies!

Hopefully lots and lots! Baby mushrooms that is… A while back, I did a workshop at Slape’s Mushroom House and learned all about growing King Stropharia mushrooms in the garden. When I was there I bought a bunch of Blue Oyster grain spawn that… Continue Reading “We’re having babies!”

Improving the aquaponics filters

For a while I’ve been using the white wool filter material in the filters on the media beds. This stuff is really only for small applications like indoor aquariums so keeps clogging up and compressing. That means that the water just runs off of… Continue Reading “Improving the aquaponics filters”

Something strange over the gardenĀ 

After the success of the plastic Owl in the backyard, I decided to go one step further and grab us a flying one.  These are quite a clever design, essentially they’re a plastic Owl head on a windsock with wings that stretch a metre… Continue Reading “Something strange over the gardenĀ “

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