Improving the aquaponics filters

For a while I’ve been using the white wool filter material in the filters on the media beds. This stuff is really only for small applications like indoor aquariums so keeps clogging up and compressing. That means that the water just runs off of the top of the compressed material and doesn’t filter. Sooo Im trying this spongy blue material, which is available in sheets and I’m cutting it to size to fit 10 cm (4″) plant pots in which I’ve cut extra holes to improve the outflow. This stuff is much coarser than the filter wool and hopefully, changing it will reduce the number of times I need to clean the filter material. I can be put in finer filter material after this later if this works. Wish me luck!

Pruning time…

I spent a bit of the last couple of days pruning the deciduous fruit trees, so the garden looks a bit bare. I’m no expert on pruning but I’ve got some good ideas over the last couple of years from visits to Joe’s Connected Garden. The smaller trees have been pruned into my approximation of a vase shape and I’m trying to keep them down to about 4 metres tall. The Plum and Almond trees are a bit different. We want them tall, 6 metres or so because they are key to making the lounge, sitting area and front porch cool and shady in Summer, so I let a lot of their branches get tall while cutting back enough to give us an accessible harvest in the warmer weather. The fruit that pops up in the upper branches are our gift to the birds. The wood that I cut is divided into piles… One pile for garden stakes, one is

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The Bell Siphons in the aquaponics system haven’t been draining properly of late. That’s not so bad now it’s Summer, the extra water staying in the beds helps the plants out. It has been bugging me for a few days though, so I decided to take a look. The pic shows the culprit. In number 3 bed, the tomatoes have made themselves more at home and have made their way into the siphon housing in search of new real estate. A quick clean, then a few minutes wait and then the usual flushing sound of the siphon doing its job. Hooray!