Something strange over the garden 

Mouse scarer
This fella is busy scaring the mice away

After the success of the plastic Owl in the backyard, I decided to go one step further and grab us a flying one. 

These are quite a clever design, essentially they’re a plastic Owl head on a windsock with wings that stretch a metre wide. 

I’ve installed it on a 4 metre length of electrical conduit but need something a bit more rigid. After it was installed, we had some very strong winds and the conduit swayed way too much. 

To test it, I installed it near the chook run and they all huddled in a corner making alarm sounds. Sorry girls! 

Then I placed it in where it was in full view of the bunnies and they promptly moved to the back of their cage. Sorry again! 

So we know it scares critters, now to get some steel and make it a permanent fixture to scare mice and pest birds away. 

Who knows, it might attract some Owls… 

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