New Grass Roots

We’ve another article in the current Grass Roots magazine. It’s on pages 24 to 26. The article discusses the things we’ve done to cool the house during Summer, things that can be done in the garden and around the house on a very tight budget. I won’t share the content… You’ve got to buy the magazine!

We’re in the latest Grass Roots

I’m a bit silly. I wrote this when the magazine came out but put it in ‘drafts’ and not ‘published’ here on the blog. Anyways, we’re a bit more well known now. We’ve an article over three glorious black and white pages in the Oct/Nov 2018 edition (#249) of Grass Roots magazine. That’s 2 of the big 3 permacultute themed mags here in Australia (the last one was PIP). It’s an introductory piece, introducing our garden and lifestyle along with a couple of tips for small, productive gardening. I hope you enjoy it.

Some days you’re just lucky

Some days, your timing is just right. Today I dropped in to the Gawler Community House, where I volunteer tending their kitchen garden. I saw a fellow struggling a bit with a trolley full of magazines. I wandered on over to offer a hand and, joy of joys, saw the trolley was full of gardening magazines. Closer inspection showed that the trolley was full of old Grass Roots, Earth Garden, Warm Earth, Organic Gardening and Permaculture International Journal mags and some other goodies.Wow! Being my usual cheeky self, I told the girls in the sorting room that I’d buy the lot. They were happy to do that as it will save them lots of work. I didn’t buy them all though. What a lucky guy I am today!