Training the Oysters to eat dog poo

There's some action going on!
There’s some action going on!

We’re getting lots of spent grain and woodchip spawn from Danny at Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms and have been building it up in piles around the garden. We’re benefitting from an extra flush of mushrooms and the critters in the garden are feasting madly on the mycelium, breaking it down into nutrients that the plants can take up. Hopefully, over time, we can get Oysters naturalised in the garden and harvest their bounty from time to time.

I had an idea the other day, of using mushrooms to decompose Athena’s, several times daily, gifts. I had been using Bokashi bacteria to ferment it and break it down ready for burial or adding to the worms. It works but the microbes will be slowing down now that the cooler weather is here. Fungi love the cooler weather.

The first inoculated wood chips were mixed in with the dog poo i a 60 litre bin a week ago and as can see from the pics, some white mycelial threads are spreading.

There’s some downy, white Cotton Mold in there too, but that’s to be expected. It’s doing the same job and the bin isn’t in any way sterile.

I’ve added a few holes around the top as the fungi need air. There’s worms in there too and Slaters who have been carried in on the poo. There’sa real ecosystem going on in there!

We’ll not be eating any mushrooms that grow in this setup. It’s not a sterile system and there’s way too many variables. Any that grow will become a boost to the chicken’s diet.

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