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Planting time

The ground’s starting to warm up a little (or did it ever get cold this year?) and its wet as far down as I can shove my hand. That means it’s time to start planting. We’ve been itching for this because this year, the… Continue Reading “Planting time”

A little harvest…

Today we cut back our mess of Parsley so that we can dry it, powder it and use it in soups and stocks throughout the year. A big bonus was the Hakurei. They’re a small Turnip from Japan. They don’t need cooking to eat,… Continue Reading “A little harvest…”

A virtual desert!

Anyone who knows our place will know that our garden is bare….you can see the house from the street and all the summer trellis stand empty. Well, it’s all relative – we probably still have more food growing than a small suburb, but compared… Continue Reading “A virtual desert!”

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