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New aquaponics bed

We’ve finally filled the 4th bed in our aquaponics system! We can segregate the plants a little more now. Theres one bed for Warrigal Greens, one for River Mint, the third is for Kangkong and the last is Sweet Potato (for the delicious leaves).… Continue Reading “New aquaponics bed”

A virtual desert!

Anyone who knows our place will know that our garden is bare….you can see the house from the street and all the summer trellis stand empty. Well, it’s all relative – we probably still have more food growing than a small suburb, but compared… Continue Reading “A virtual desert!”

Dad’s still growing

Dad’s continues to outperform everyone we know on the eggplant front. We bought two Lebanese eggplants for him to help get him back into gardening while Mum was very sick. He always loved his garden, having at one time bred Fuschias. Now he outdoes… Continue Reading “Dad’s still growing”

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