Planting time

The ground’s starting to warm up a little (or did it ever get cold this year?) and its wet as far down as I can shove my hand. That means it’s time to start planting. We’ve been itching for this because this year, the garden will be in full swing. Nearly everything is where we want it and growing well (mostly) so it’s time to put the last of the perennials and self seeders in. Lots of plants are popping up from the seeds in the ground that the chooks left. There’s Nettles, Wheat, Lettuces, Shungiku, and lots of little things that we cant identify yet. Personally, I’ve been waiting a couple of years to put dome Yacon or ‘Earth Apple’ (Smallanthus sonchifolius) in. Really, it’s only one year because I clean forgot last year! There were no tubers in the mini-wicking bed that I had them in, but lots of shoots and leaves sprouting from the rhizomes. Because the

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