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The Money Tree…a plant with many names

Portulacaria afra is a plant found in many gardens. It’s hard to kill and asks so little that we take it for granted as an ornamental. It goes by many names in many places, often named the same as other plants, so it gets… Continue Reading “The Money Tree…a plant with many names”

I’m talking again!

I’m having a little talk at the Australian Plant Society Autumn Plant Sale on Sun 22 April at 1pm. It’ll be at Stirling Angas Hall, Adelaide Showgrounds (enter off Rose Tce). I’ll be doing my usual carry on about foraging for local bushfoods, edible weeds and wild… Continue Reading “I’m talking again!”

Funny fungi.

An amazing pillow of fungus. I don’t know what it is. It looked so delicate growing from the straw mulch that I had to touch it. The last pic shows some on my finger. It is slimy when touched and squishes easily. I was… Continue Reading “Funny fungi.”

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