Fragments and weirding part 1

This’ll be part 1 of a series of rambling, thoughtful, posts I’ll be writing on my perceptions of the social and cultural catastrophe that is global weirding. First, let me explain that I have adopted the term ‘global weirding’ to express my view of the climate emergency that is now beyond our capacity to fix and of the havoc it is wreaking on our world and world views. I consider it a more galvanizing term than ‘change’ and far more expressive of the events unravelling as we move into uncharted territory as a species. I think ‘weirding’ captures the essence of the non-linear changes that both our climate and our society are going through. It has been said that it’s almost like our reality is breaking down, fragmenting in fact and I agree, but more on the nature of the new realities in a later piece. In my musings, I’ve thought a lot about the scale of the problems and

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