Thanks for the energy!

Had these two beauties given to us the other day. They’re from Steve Zilm from Install-X ( yeah, I know it’s a plug, but I’m grateful). They were going to be dumped […]

Goosefoot is the new Spinach

​Here’s something interesting… We ignore this plant, Goosefoot (Chenopodium album) yet it contains more goodies than its relative, Spinach. I dug up a ‘weed’ from the footpath and planted it […]

Mycelia from Slape’s

I got two kinds of mushroom spawn, Blue and White Oysters, from Slape’s Mushroom House a couple of weekends ago. The mycelia are growing well, covering the straw at the […]

4 magic squares

The demise of the big wicking bed has left me with enough material to make 4 square beds of about 1m a side. I’m interested in getting a perpetual rotation […]