Kei apple bonanza!


Today, I took the time to visit my favourite stand of Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra) trees. This is a local stand that thousands of people drive past (often several times a day) and, unfortunately, most go to waste, blown off of the trees by passing trucks and squashed on the road.


I stopped harvesting when I had a heavy bag-full (probably close to 10 kg).

Kei Apples are another South African import, related to Willows. The trees are very heavy producers, making them excellent for local foragers. The fruit is  quite acidic and softens quickly, becoming a little sweeter as it ripens and softens. They make an excellent jam but this year, I’m going to try drying or pickling them. Apparently their acidity means that no vinegar is needed.


Kei Apples are guarded by long, sharp thorns, like in the pic above. The pic below shows you the Key Apple forager’s badge of honour!


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