Aquaponics Sweet Potatoes


Jelina is happy! We cleaned out the aquaponics last week and boy, did that Sweet Potato make a mess of things!

So why is Jelina happy? It’s because we harvested more than 2 kg of crunchy little purple tubers. They’re kind of like little carrots.


As you can see from the pic above, there is a trade off for this abundance. The roots were everywhere – throughout the media bed, in the bell siphon and even in the drainage pipes. Ouch!

It took a whole afternoon to process them so that we could recover the clay balls and scoria but was well worth the effort.


Sweet Potato is a plant that keeps on giving. We had a year of continuous leaf harvests. Enough for our needs and to trade and give away and now, these mini-tubers.

As we’ve discovered, Sweet Potato in an aquaponics system doesn’t produce the large tubers that it does in the ground but shifts its energy to leaf growth and creates small tubers.

Our plan is to replant some while the weather is still a bit warm and see if we can keep getting yields over Winter



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  1. milkcashcow says:! Massive roots. How did it taste? Will try growing some in my aquaponics system.


    1. ligaya says:

      The small purple tubers tasted kind of like carrots. They had the same crisp texture too

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