Jess’s Mushroom Cultivation Workshop



Sunday marked the day of Jess’s Beginner’s Mushroom Cultivation workshop.  You may know Jess from guest posts here at Ligaya or from her writings on her own blog  botanicalcuriositiesaus or maybe her writing for the Joe’s Connected Gardens blog. Jess is a busy little mushroom.

As I’ve not had much luck with mushroom growing, I thought I’d give it a go.

Only a handful of folks attended Joe’s Connected Gardens, where the event was held on a pleasantly sunny Sunday morning.




We learned about fungi lifestyles and needs, the importance of cleanliness, cold and hot straw pasteurization techniques and inoculation techniques for straw and logs before packing our own mushroom bag to take home.

Quite a bit of information for one morning really.


The truly observant participant will have seen the true secret to mycological success of they’d peeked under the table…

I learned a lot and am looking forward to the intermediate workshop after this bag of mushrooms has given me a couple of good meals. I think it will be promoted through Eventbrite, so I’ll post a link when I find it.

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