Joys of wicking

So….Jelina wanted a raised bed for kitchen veggies, and Marlon agreed to cook with more, so it seemed a great time to make a really big wicking bed. I had […]

Dad’s still growing

Dad’s continues to outperform everyone we know on the eggplant front. We bought two Lebanese eggplants for him to help get him back into gardening while Mum was very sick. […]


We got a couple of baby Silkies a week or so ago. I’ve been showing their adventures on Facebook. Eir and Beyla, they’re called. Today a new hen came to […]

Another edible addition to next year’s garden

Today’s Blackberry Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) harvest…336 juicy grams!  That’s what’s left after some were squashed, some eaten, some dropped, some eaten…You get the picture. We have almost as many on […]