So many birds!

OK. It’s not the best video, bei g mainly a shot of our front security door. It’s the sound that I want to get across! Folks often mention how many birds they see coming and going from our block. I decided to video this morning’s ruckus, so here it is… Besides Dolores’s constant nagging for free access to our newly planted vegetable seedlings, I can pick – our resident flock of Sparrows 2 Wattle birds playing A Noisy Minah hassling a Piping Shrike A Kookaburra having something to say, but laughing Missus Blackbird calling A Rainbow Lorikeet in the gum tree across the road I can see a dove sitting on the fence taking it all in. He doesn’t make much noise at this time, preferring to hit it at 7 every morning That’s a bit of a fuss and the fun goes on all day!