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Fermentation station.

My ‘fermentation station’ in the kitchen. Milk and water kefirs, sourdough starter, kombuchas for black and green tea, ginger bug and apple cider vinegar. So many probiotic bugs working to make us healthy. The pic of the jar is my EM1 solution brewing up.

Water kefir

Water kefir happily growing and multiplying. 3 tablespoons of grains have multiplied to 8 and a bit in about 2 weeks! I think I commented before that the milk kefir grains were doing better, but they have only bred up 3 tablespoons of grains… Continue Reading “Water kefir”

Early cultures.

Milk and water Kefir fermenting away. I bought my first cultures on Ebay. We laughed a little when they arrived in ziploc bags in paper envelopes through the post. I thought all the terrorism propaganda would have put a stop to all that! I… Continue Reading “Early cultures.”

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