Water kefir

Water kefir happily growing and multiplying.

3 tablespoons of grains have multiplied to 8 and a bit in about 2 weeks!

I think I commented before that the milk kefir grains were doing better, but they have only bred up 3 tablespoons of grains from the original 2.

All I’m doing is changing the water kefir into a new jar of sugar water every 2 days.
The sugar mix is 2 tablespoons of organic raw sugar dissolved in 600 ml of water. I dissolve the sugar in a little hot water from tap and kettle, then add bottled spring water to top up the jar. That is cooled to room temp before changing the grains over

The jars are size 27 Fowlers jars and I keep them on top of a cupboard in the kitchen and covered with coffee filter paper.

It’s so easy.

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