Temporary greenhouses

With the cold weather really and truly here (-1.1°C last night) it can be tricky to get some of the warmer weather plants to survive until Spring. The new garden bed that we put in where the bunnies were (more on that story later) has been filled with Ginger and Galangal and Turmeric rhizomes. While the Elder and Sicilian Necatarine trees are dormant and pruned, this bed gets a lot of sunlight. In Summer it will be in good shade. To make it more effective, I’ve placed a sheet of perspex that came from the same recycled light fittings as the aquaponics reflectors. This makes it into a rough greenhouse and keeps a bit more heat in for those heat loving rhizomes and hopefully will help us get a good yield during Summer 2019/2020. Greenhouse #2 is a bit more elaborate. It’s an old plastic drum with a hole cut in the side. This was an early sump tank for

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