We’re in the latest Grass Roots

Grass Roots Magazine #249 Oct/Nov 2018

I’m a bit silly. I wrote this when the magazine came out but put it in ‘drafts’ and not ‘published’ here on the blog.

Anyways, we’re a bit more well known now. We’ve an article over three glorious black and white pages in the Oct/Nov 2018 edition (#249) of Grass Roots magazine.

That’s 2 of the big 3 permacultute themed mags here in Australia (the last one was PIP).

It’s an introductory piece, introducing our garden and lifestyle along with a couple of tips for small, productive gardening. I hope you enjoy it.

2 Comments on “We’re in the latest Grass Roots

  1. Good on you, Malcolm. I’ll have to buy a copy and read it. Your garden sure is an inspiration


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