After the recent rabbit rampage and Amelia’s on again off again residency in the garden, we’ve got some replanting do! So it was off to Bunnings yesterday where Jelina fell in love. Not with me again , not with some handsome swarthy gentleman or woman, but with Brassicas! Her favourite colour is purple, so imagine the light in her eyes when she saw all the purple seedlings! Purple heading Cauliflowers, red and purple Kales, multi coloured (including purple) Broccoli It was an impulse buying frenzy! There’s no need to have a green veggie patch any more and purple and red plants tend to have more nutrients, especially antioxidants then plain green ones. That’s all especially interesting for folks like us with small gardens who want to grow their own food – you can have your colour and eat it too 😁

Our newest additions 

People say I’m crazy to plant in this heat. Maybe I am but I can’t help it. The new arrivals are all hot weather plants that are being grown by folks in the general area. Common sense prevails in the choice of plants even if not in the timing. In the pics below, you’ll see a couple of Giant Tree Tomatoes, an Hibiscus, a Long Melon Gourd and some Tamarillos.  They’re all planted in the garden in the positions that suit them best. With a little water and worm wee, they just might make it!  Wish them luck! 

Planting time!

We’ll, I’ve finally got time to scratch myself, so it’s a good time to get some seeds started. I’m not that lucky with seeds but always give it a go. There’s everything in this pile, from lawn daisies (which I recently found to be quite tasty) to that perennial permaculture favourite, Pigeon peas. I try pigeon peas every year but have never had any luck. There’s Agrimony, Cassava melons, Painted Mountain corn, Okra, Winged Peas…the list just goes on… Anyway, wish me luck!