Giving the garden a mind of its own


It looks like a mess and there is a little irony in the above pic. The irony is that I’m putting in sensors and all kinds of electronic bits so that our garden can monitor itself and communicate with me via my smartphone.

In that sense, its like giving it its own nervous system, using technology to make it more organic. The ultimate goal is to have it report to my phone and allow me to give it guidance from wherever I am.

I know that this kind of goes against our usual lo-tech approach to things, but it looks like a fun project. It is based on the easy to use (?) Arduino Uno R3 and Raspberry Pi.

As with most things, I have little idea of what I’m doing, but will have fin learning on the journey. This is definitely a project to keep tabs on so I’ll be publishing circuits, code and data as the project progresses. You can follow it all here on Steemit @ligayagardener or on the Monitoring page.

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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