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Solar window heater update

I’ve been fixing the window box heater. It’s been working OK over winter but not to its maximum. I’ll rebuild it over Summer and add a temperature control so that it only comes on when the air temperature in the box is over 20°C.… Continue Reading “Solar window heater update”

Who’s that by the fence… It’s only me!

I scared myself today… Saw someone by the back fence who shouldn’t have been there. I had to laugh when I recognised that it was only my reflection. I found some metal reflectors attached to some fluoro light mounts a little while back and… Continue Reading “Who’s that by the fence… It’s only me!”

Down with the bubble wrap!

    ‘Did you break your windows” ‘Why have you got bubble wrap on your windows?’ ‘What the hell are you up to now, Haines?’ These have been the three most common questions that visitors have asked over the last few months upon seeing… Continue Reading “Down with the bubble wrap!”

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