Solar window heater update

I’ve been fixing the window box heater. It’s been working OK over winter but not to its maximum. I’ll rebuild it over Summer and add a temperature control so that it only comes on when the air temperature in the box is over 20°C. I’ll use thick glass as the cover instead of thin perspex as glass traps more heat. I’ll also make the whole box fit the front windows much more closely. That’ll mean making it longer, potentially doubling it’s length. This box was originally made for the chook run to warm that over Winter but it was too effective so I had to take it down. It is made from scrap and has coir flute as its backing and thin Styrofoam as insulation. I know how well it works and I’ve got much better materials now so it’ll be a real furnace next Winter. I also learned how to improve its heating ability. First, I repositioned the inlet

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Who’s that by the fence… It’s only me!

I scared myself today… Saw someone by the back fence who shouldn’t have been there. I had to laugh when I recognised that it was only my reflection. I found some metal reflectors attached to some fluoro light mounts a little while back and stashed them in the shed thinking, as usual ‘those should come in useful one day’. Sure enough, with a few days of grey skies I remembered that they were there and mounted them along the back of the aquaponics and onto the fence. They add a lot more light to the system and a little more daytime heat and should pick the plants up a little. I’ve just got to remember that the reflection in them as I come out of the back garden is only me!

Down with the bubble wrap!

    ‘Did you break your windows” ‘Why have you got bubble wrap on your windows?’ ‘What the hell are you up to now, Haines?’ These have been the three most common questions that visitors have asked over the last few months upon seeing the bubble wrap on the inside of the windows. We’d heard that it helps to keep the heat in the house by adding a layer of cheap insulation to the glass. Did it work? We think it did. We don’t have data on kWh or dollars saved, but it did make a difference to our comfort level. The main thing we noticed was that we didn’t need a heater in the master bedroom at all, as its temperature was equal to that of the lounge (which is at the opposite end of the house). With bubble wrap, the average difference was less than 1 degree centigrade, closer to 0. Thats not bad for free! One of

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