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I made a video “A fairly detailed wander”

I’ve been playing around with short videos lately, being kind of behind the times with all this media stuff. Anyway, take a trip around the garden as I rabbit on about the plants therein. I think I cover them all. It’s nearly 20 minutes… Continue Reading “I made a video “A fairly detailed wander””

Our Jujube is flowering

Tiny Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) flowers on our tree. I’ve been looking for a tree for a couple of years and swapped something with the kind folks at Joe’s Connected Garden earlier this year. I know I say it about almost everything, but Jujube are… Continue Reading “Our Jujube is flowering”

Its been a while and a lot’s happened

Jelina mushrooms

Ive been really slack in keeping the blog running consistently. The wife asked me NOT to post every little thing we did to make the house sustainable and to get a really amazing garden going. We went from this…   To this…   and… Continue Reading “Its been a while and a lot’s happened”


Planting deciduous fruit trees before spring really gets here. An apple, dwarf almond and dwarf nectarine. Do you think I can find a dwarf pear tree anywhere local for love or money? That’s my son, Marlon, digging and me watering.

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