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Hanging it out to dry.

Some extra citrus drying on a 34 degree day. I will try to dry as much stuff as I can over summer, using solar and wind power iinstead of the food dehydrator. I’ll keep that for winter when it can do double duty and… Continue Reading “Hanging it out to dry.”

It’s ours!

Our own house! We finally have a mortgage on it. To celebtate, we’ve been planting. There are now 5 citrus trees along the front, this will give us a privacy hedge that will help feed us. There are lemon, orange, mandarin, blood orange and… Continue Reading “It’s ours!”

Citrus issues

My potted citrus are suffering this winter. Leaves yellowing and dropping. Something’s chewing the leaves of the lemon. Here’s a note, added some months later… Earwigs have been the bane of my young citrus trees. It is they that have been chewing the leaves.… Continue Reading “Citrus issues”

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