Herbs in the garden

The border between kitchen and wild herbs is a blurry one. Some people like to include wild herbs in their garden and in many cases, kitchen and garden herbs have escaped and made good in the wild.

Because all the plants listed here are common plants, easily found in gardens and garden centres, I haven’t bogged the text down with detailed descriptions. The detailed photos and the names and description do the job without adding to the confusion. The main thing is to get you interested!

There are thousands of herbs and other plants out there but we try to keep these pages to what we actually grow and use at Ligaya Garden. There are others we use, but generally forage for (we’ve only got so much space) and you can find them on these pages – Wild foods & medicines  and Other useful plants.

We’re always learning about our botanic community, taking new pics and meeting folks who know a lot more than we do, so keep checking your favourite plants on these pages. There’s always more to come!

All of the photographs are from plants in our garden, so I may change some as better photo opportunities present themselves.

Mints (being rewritten as you read…)