Australasian Poultry

Our article is on page 10

Australasian Poultry magazine have an article written by little old me. We’re not pro chook wranglers but our setup was interesting enough for Megg to ask for an article (Megg’s the powerhouse behind Grass Roots magazine, who I’ve previously written articles for.

The article is called ‘Suburban Chook Setup’ and is on page 10. It’s about our flock and the life of luxury that they lead with all the mod cons. They’ve a grain feeder, shellgrit tray, automatic waterer, lighting and access to an amazing variety of food.

Vol 42 number 3 Australasian Poultry
This edition has an article about our chooks!

I’ve emphasised how important the chickens are to Ligaya Garden and how we’ve integrated them into pest control, weed control, mulching, and composting. They give us eggs too!

You can find more about our girls, their individual characters and their jobs on our ‘Chooks‘ page. There’s also our page on how we care for the chickens on the ‘Keeping our Chickens Happy‘ page.

If you’re interested in finding out about other online or offline articles, publications or artwork that we’ve had published by other folks, check out our ‘Published Stuff‘ page.

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