Our second podcast is up on Anchor!

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Ligaya Garden podcast 2. Rambling in the garden Ligaya Garden Oddcast

A bit of an introductory wander through the Ligaya Garden on a nice day in Winter. I hope you can join me for it!

We’re mastering the technology to share podcasts here and there. We’re hosting them on our Anchor account for now but posting the links to them here on our podcasts page.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to integrate our Instagram ‘Live’ shows too soon. If you want to check them out, you’ll have to skip over to our @ligayagarden account on IG for now. We’re doing one every day of the SA lockdown at 1pm Adelaide time. After lockdown, we’ll do a live session every Saturday afternoon at the same time.

7 Comments on “Our second podcast is up on Anchor!

  1. I hope your lockdown is over soon.
    I had a peak at Anchor – it is great to have this format. But I had a machine reading out the blogposts, which didn’t quite work.


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