Articles, eBooks/PDFs & videos

Pretty soon, we’re going to start publishing eBooks, videos and free pdf files about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Keep an eye out for them!

Newspaper and Magazine articles

The Bunyip –

June 26th 2018 on pg 39, we had a nice article written about us in the sustainability section of our local newspaper, the Bunyip.


Edition 8 (the Goat edition). We’re on page 64 in an article called ‘Urban Abundance: Productive Small Space Growers’ by Samantha Allemann

Grass Roots –

No. 249 Oct/Nov 2018 We’ve an article introducing us, our block and garden. It’s on page 16 and is called ‘Ligaya Garden’ by Malcolm Haines

No. 252 April/May 2019 There’s an article about the bushfood and bush medicine plants in our garden. It’s on page 16 and is called ‘Native plants at Ligaya Garden’ by Malcolm Haines

No. 254 Aug/Sept 2019 We’ve an article about keeping the house cool in Summer. Its full of great (and cheap) tips to surviving the Summer heat. Its on page 24 and is called ‘Cooling in the heat’ by Malcolm Haines

There’s another coming up soon it’s a short piece about our aqusponics setup


A mealworm’s life

Building a mealworm palace

Edible Weeds

Each page has a link to a downloadable pdf of that page. You can find Edible Weeds here.

Bushfoods & Bush Medicines

Each page has a link to a downloadable pdf of that page

You can find Bushfoods & Bush medicines here

Workshops and talks

Gawler Environment Centre Workshops

GEC vertical gardening workshop handout

GEC small space gardening workshop

Field Geology Club bushwalk

Introductory brochure Single Page for easy printing

Introductory brochure formatted for reading online