Stories of local food

There’s an interesting evening coming up on May 27. It’s the ‘Stories of Local Food‘ event at The Joinery in Adelaide. It’s being run by the SA Urban Food Network but has been postponed a few times now, mostly due to everyone’s favourite pandemic, but this one’s going ahead!

The Foodprint Experience
Mel, the proprietor of The Foodprint Experience is one of the leading lights.

‘Stories of Local Food’ is an event where you can meet and see a brief presentation of the work and aspirations of featured members of the network. The SAUFN is an ever growing rhizome that incorporates a wide range of folks and businesses working in and connected through a desire to build food security for Adelaide and a regenerative food system all around. There’s ‘urban farmers, cafe owners, businesses, backyard growers, researchers, and community food groups’, some very well known, others working in the background but all dedicated to making sure that there’s plenty of great food around Adelaide and that it’s all produced and moved around in the best possible way.

We’ll be there to present a little piece about Ligaya Garden and mill around chatting to folks, so come along and meet us in person. Sadly, Athena won’t be there though, she’d take all the attention from us and everyone else!

You can find these folk on Instagram
You can find any of this mob on Instagram and check out their activities.

Tickets are $10 and are available through Eventbrite. More information will be posted on SAUFN’s Events page on Facebook here.

Check out the SAUFN on its website and, if it inspires you, subscribe and join us and many others. You don’t have to be actively involved in growing but could be an inspired business owner or somebody who just enjoys food.

At the moment, the following folks, businesses and organisations are presenting and there may be more!

  • Ligaya Garden
  • the Food Embassy
  • Adelaide Edible Garden Trail
  • Wormboy
  • PhD researcher Isobel Hume
  • the Foodprint Experience cafe
  • Seacliff Community Food Swap
  • Semaphore Compost Network
  • Port Adelaide Food Gardening
Ligaya Garden
I’ll be rabbiting on about Ligaya Garden too…

My pic there says April because it is from the promotions for the event that was postponed until May. I still look good though…right?

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