Shade or production?

The trees at Ligaya Garden serve two purposes – protection from the weather and food production. Unfortunately, the first interferes with the second.

The big Elder tree in the middle of the garden provides a lot of cooling shade, medicine and habitat but it deprives a range of food plants from Sunlight and therefore reduces their yields. It also uses a lot of water.

Its a ‘six of oneā€¦’ issue that, honestly, We’re stuck on. SO, I’m asking you, our friends, supporters and followers what your opinion is. Take it out or leave it?

2 Comments on “Shade or production?

  1. I am afraid i find it hard to vote, even though i did vote to leave the tree there. can it be replaced with another or other trees and plants that do the same thing as well as provide a more varied array of food?


    • Thanks for trying. Its my first poll- what difficulty did you have in voting? Thanks for the opinion though, we’re thinking about to giving it a SEVERE prune come Winter, down to about 1.5 metres and remove a few of the trunks.


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