Back for 2021

Well, we never really left, only took a break from blogging.

Over that time, we refined a lot of techniques, learned a lot more about working visually online and made enormous progress with our ebooks. Oh yeah… we managed some gardening too!

2021 will be the transition year for society. 2020 hit us hard with pretty well everything we could think of and exposed wide cracks in a system that never really worked.

The destructive nature of capitalism was showcased throughout the year and the inability of the folks in power to deal with it was continually underlined in an ongoing text of destruction.

2020 was a wakeup call for many people but was it enough? Did enough people realise that what they thought was working was really only limping among, supported by fossil fuels.

I reckon that 2021 will show us that if enough people woke up from the dream and made changes to their thinking, the world could rapidly become a better place. It will never be like before, we’ve lost too much but the future could be better than a lot of folks seem to think.

2021 will be a year of change, one in which we could see every grass roots alternative tried and applied as folks scramble to sort out a system that isn’t designed to funnel the world’s untold wealth into the pockets of very few, or at least a system that will do so in a way that isn’t as destructive to the social fabric of contemporary societies.

For us at Ligaya Garden, 2021 means much more creative expression. The front garden survived 2020 with only a couple of losses and continued producing throughout, so we know that that’s on the right track.

I’ve got a better handle on the aquaponics and that promises to boom this year. We may even add some eating fish too.

Water will become far more of an issue for the world, so researching and applying those findings to our water security is going to be vital. It may even be necessary to sacrifice and replace some plants with those that can provide more with less water. It could even mean changes to our diet.

Athena intends to eat more, play more and spend a lot more time sun bathing.

It’s time to introduce technogy to the garden. Home made or at least converted sensors, timers, and switches will start to make their presence known felt. I’m even thinking of live streaming the going ons in the chook run!

We hope to make a little money this year too. We’re opening a premium section where subscribers can access far more detailed information, bonuses and tips. There will be live streamed chats.

You can jump on the bandwagon early and subscribe for our premium content below.

We’d like about 5 bucks a month for a subscription but once you’re on the sign up form, you can enter any amount in the ‘choose amount’ box. We don’t want to leave anyone out!

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