Our Bokashi article is in Grassroots!

We’ve another article in Grass Roots #261 (Oct/Nov 2020)

We’re on page #54 with an article called ‘Buckets of Bokashi’ which is, unsurprisingly, about Bokashi composting.

It’s a detailed introductory article to this amazing fermentation/composting system that we use heavily at Ligaya Garden.

We have a whole page dedicated to the topic of Bokashi on this website but I reckon I did pretty well with the article.

We’re happy to have so many articles accepted by this venerable lifestyle/sustainability magazine. It truly is one of the foundation stones of the Grass Roots, conscious lifestyle movement.

Give it a read and tell me what you think 🤔

7 Replies to “Our Bokashi article is in Grassroots!”

  1. Once you’ve got a bin of finished bokashi what do you do with it?

    (Reading your articles on bokashi made me wistful for my bokashi but in the end I had nowhere to put the finished product.)


    1. We add it to the worm farms, feed some to the chooks, Athena eats some here and there, you can bury it in the ground where it vanishes in a week, put it in the bottom of large pots when potting up or even put it in your compost heap where it will give it a huge boost


      1. I didn’t have anywhere to put it in the ground in the end (ground covered in perennial plants) and the rats got to it both there and in the compost bin. I guess you have a warmer climate, which means the rats are less attracted to people’s compost heaps and such?


      2. In the Philippines, where Bokashi is used a lot, they’ve found that Bokashi deters rats ands cockroaches. That is of course, lots warmer than here and may be something to do with the smell and bacteria


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