Spirulina… almost ready to eat!

Spirulina culture
Spirulina soaking up the Sun

The Spirulina culture has bounced back from the time that it almost died. We still don’t know what caused that to happen.

The culture turned brown and cloudy at one stage.

The bacteria are thriving with constant nutrients, light and perfect heat. They live under artificial light when the weather is grey but on sunny days, I move them outside to let them sit and soak up the rays.

Spirulina bacteria are auto-trophic, like little plants and use energy from the Sun to convert carbon dioxide to sugars and oxygen, so a little sunlight never hurts. By raising Spirulina, we are scrubbing carbon dioxide out of the air while growing food for ourselves. Everybody wins!

I spent a bit of the morning making up a a manifold for the air pump so that air can bubble through the cultute and mix things up a bit.

The Spirulina don’t need oxygenation, the big bubbles from the pump slowly mix the bacteria around, helping them get better distributed so they can capture the light.

The jars are easier to harvest from

You might notice the change from a single tank to large, 6 litre jars with taps. This is for ease of harvesting. We can just drain some of the culture from the tap, through a seive and into a cup – much tidier than scooping it out of the tank.

Once we’ve harvested some from one jar, it takes 2 – 3 days for the numbers of Spirulina to build back up. 4 jars means that we can harvest from one jar each day and easily have enough time for everything to get back to full strength.

Once I’ve received the new nutrient package from Spirulina Grow Co. I’ll post about a harvest. Look out for that over the next couple of days!

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