Spirulina: Day 3

The Spirulina adventure continues. I’ve been posting the progress of our new arrivals over the last couple of days. You can catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking the highlighted links.

Added nutrients and agitation to the mix.
All ready for food and exercise.

It’s a bit of a slow adventure so far. I’ve given the little critters time to acclimatize and today it is time to kick the process into high gear.

I added a litre of clean, filtered, chlorine free water along with 20 grams of the powdered nutrient mix and 0.5 millilitres of liquid nutrient. I really should find my reading glasses and see what’s in each.

This’ll give them something to feed on and a lot of space to move around, socialise and, hopefully, reproduce. That’s the goal after all.

To speed up the mingling and fraternising, as well as add carbon dioxide to their lives, an aquarium air pump and small air stone have been added. This serves to mix the gas into the system as well as keep the culture agitated. Not upset, that is but mixed around. We need to do this to ensure they get adequate nutrients and sunlight.

The recipe.
The recipe.

Tomorrow, I’ll move them into the laundry so that the buzzing of the air pump doesn’t bug us as much. It’s a small price to pay for delicious, nutritious goop but it gets a little much.

That’ll be it for daily updates for a week or so. It’ll take time for the culture to get to a size and density from which we can harvest regularly but I’ll post about anything interesting that occurs in the meantime.

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