Spirulina: Day 2

Yesterday, I posted about the start of our Spirulina adventure. Ill keep posting about it as significant milestones are reached. Some stages take days and there’s nothing more boring to read than a post about nothing changing.

Today is significant though. Following the instructions, I let the algae out to breath and stretch its legs a bit and do a bit of photosynthesising. This is a significant stage as the culture has been in a dark package for a few days and has been shaken around a lot – kind of like us, when we fly economy!

This step consists simple of pouring the contents of the 500 ml ‘live culture’ bottle into a large, transparent container to let it breathe and get some light.

The container is in a place where it gets indirect sunlight and I can gently stir it around so that all the algae get their turn in the light. It’ll stay there until tomorrow when I start stage 3.

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