Introducing our chooks #5 Demeter


Demeter is our largest girl and she knows how to use that size.

She is the sister to Ophelia and arrived with her.We knew straight away that she would have a different character to the other girls and is so very different to her sister.

Demeter and Ophelia

Demeter has taken a strong dislike to my Doc Martens and actually follows me around to peck at them. Maybe its the yellow stitching? She will have a go at me whatever I wear but the Docs are her favourites.

She is the pushiest of the girls and, while not the boss chook at the moment, sure acts like she has her eye on the position.

Demeter was the prime suspect in the death of Mercy (the old head chook), who’s lifeless body I found the morning after the new girls had spent their first, full night in the chook house. They hadn’t hit it off from the start. But who knows? Interestingly, Demeter and Amelia have formed a friendship and can often be found standing together. A politically expedient friendship? Who knows about that either? Chooks work in mysterious ways.

The funniest thing is that Demeter just LOVES Ashwaganda and, despite my best efforts during the time the run was being replaced, managed to get past all kind of obstacles and netting to get to those bitter leaves.

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