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Worm castles

You have a choice of blue or mocha.

At the end of Summer, we got rid of the bulky black old worm farms and moved up to Worm Castles from Worm Tech.

The blue looks good in our garden.

We bought ours from the local supplier – Rob of Uncle Rob’s Worm Farm fame, from nearby Willaston.

The units come ready fro assembly.
They come ready to assemble.

Worm Castle trays are  400 X 400 X  135 mm, there are three of them plus a liquid tray (with tap) and a lid. They come ready to assemble and include a block of coir to make the bedding for the first tray before you start to add your good scraps.

There are two colours available, blue grey and coffee beige. I like the blue colour to brighten the garden but settled on a mix of both colours.

Worm Castles are a much smaller, lighter, alternative to traditional worm farms. The black plastic models can get pretty heavy when they’re full and my ageing muscles find it difficult to lift and move them. This is a much better option.

Boir bedding for the first layer.
A layer of coir as bedding for your worms

Then units are pretty low to the ground and will probably need putting a couple of bricks under the legs if you want to fit a bucket or bottle under the tap to catch the precious juice.

Rob sells worms for $28 for a thousand of the critters.

I’ll be frank, the model that we have is the first design and suffers from a couple of minor flaws but the new model resolves both of these, with an increase in price though).

If you’d like to follow up on a worm castle, you can contact Rob Heinrich directly on 0422 314 295 or get more information about worm farming through Uncle Rob’s Worm Farm Group

You can find out more about how we share Ligaya Garden with worms on our ‘worms in the garden‘ page.

Happy worms
This lot are happy!
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