Our case has been studied

Yesterday held a real surprise for us. I checked on the SA Urban Food Network website and saw Jelina’s smiling face on the case studies page. You can check out the article here or by clicking on the logo below

SA Urban Food Network

Alex Miller has been working on the article for a while and there has been a little back and forth communication with a lot of questions.

The network’s case studies are quite in depth but very upbeat and readable and it was good fun trying to answer all the questions. I post a lot of stuff, I know, but sometimes it takes someone from outside the family to make me really think about aspects of what we’re doing here.

Even though most of the information in the article is written as being quoted from your’s truly, we all had an input into the content and all pondered Alex’s questions individually before putting finger to keyboard. It just happened to be me that did the typing! Athena in particular had a big role – sitting still for long enough to be photographed!

I’d been having troubles getting our Google drive to sync so hadn’t been able to get the latest images to her but with the encouragement of Christy Spier, finally bit the bullet and sent them the old fashioned way – through email.

I’d recommend anyone in SA who is interested in growing food in any capacity to check out the website and join up. They’ve a Facebook page too.

Anyway, we’re pretty chuffed about it all but won’t be resting on our laurels. If anything, it’s inspired us to do more!

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