Water restrictions? Not us!

Even with a horrific start to Summer, we’re close to the 100 litres of water per person per day that Darling Downs residents are expected to reduce their water use to.

We’re 3 people and a dog, 4 chooks and lots of fish. Marlon and Jelina shower every day (3 times a week for me). Except for potatoes and carrots, we grow all our veggies which saves a lot of industrial agricultural water and unguessed food miles. Our garden is designed to cool the house.

In short, we don’t have to do much to keep our water use low. According to the comparisons on the water bill, we use less that an average two person household with a small garden.

Follow us here on Ligaya Garden as we chronicle our water saving techniques and ideas.

Don’t tell the government that it is possible though. They’ll restrict water to Aussie and flog it to China.

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