Northwest tidy up

The rains have given us enough of a break from the heat to do a bit of gardening.

The Cherry tree in the north west corner of the garden died and the corn in the wicking beds have finished, so it was time to replace them.

While I was tidying up another little job, I had a surprise visit from a friend of a friend who had heard about our garden and wanted to take a look. Loving to talk, as I do and needing a break, we had a stroll through the place. Needless to say, our visitor left with an armful of cuttings and seedlings.

While we were talking, I had an inspiration about what to do with the northwest corner.

I dug out the Cherry tree and the Corn. A few cobs hadn’t fertilized and formed properly so I kept the Corn Silk for drying. It has medicinal properties and we have a page for it here.

Tidied and hopefully more productive.

Our Pepino wasn’t thriving in its current position so I took the chance to move it and its trellis back to its old position along the fenceline. This time though, I moved it closer to the Sweet Appleberry. Doing this means that I can net both plants at once and deter the ever voracious Sparrow flock that lives in our garden.

That cleared out a lot of space. The Arrowroot that was behind it hadn’t been doing brilliantly, so these plants were repositioned where they will get more light.

I took the two small Moringa trees from their pots in the back and planted one where the Cherry was and one into the wicking bed that previously held the Corn.

The replanted wicking bed.

Into this bed also went a new variety of Goji Berry and a Rainbow Chili that I got from Hay Heng. I filled the rest of that space with some Capsicum seedlings and off cuts of Spring Onions.

Now that everything was better positioned for water and sunlight I popped down to Greg’s Shared Garden and grabbed some of the rotted down hay, Pine needles and sheep poo that is under his pine trees. That went over the area as mulch. Today, I’ve just got to add a couple of new drippers and it’s good to go.

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